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City of Anniston
Public Works Director

The City of Anniston is recruiting potential applicants for the position of Public Works Director.

Under guidelines set by policy and at the direction of the City Manager, the Public Works Director is responsible for directing the operations of the Public Works Department for the City of Anniston.

  • The employee plans, directs, manages, and oversees day-to-day and long term operations and planning of the engineering, electrical, street, planning and zoning, and fleet maintenance divisions through division managers.
  • The employee further is responsible for participation in the selection, placement, evaluation, discipline and safety of all departmental employees.
  • The employee further reviews and provides general oversight to the design and construction of capital projects assigned to the department and is otherwise responsible for the preparation of capital improvement plans and capital equipment plans.
  • The Public Works Director analyzes, prepares and oversees the budget of the Public Works Department and manages all contracts entered into for capital projects and/or professional services assigned to the department.
  • The Public Works Director further oversees professional development of division managers to assure that employees are properly trained and appropriately licensed or certified to complete assigned duties and responsibilities.


  • A Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Building Sciences, Construction Administration or closely related field and three (3) years of public works managerial experience to include civil engineering and policy and procedure administration; or an Associate degree and five (5) years of public works managerial experience, job related professional certifications and experience to perform the essential duties.
  • Supervisory experience is desired. Must have or be able to obtain and maintain a valid Alabama driver’s license.

Annual Salary Range: $70,606.43 -$107,441.31
Benefits: Health, dental, and vision insurance, life insurance, retirement through Retirement Systems of Alabama, 10 days of paid time off with accumulation to 29 days (the number of days earned increases based on years of service up to 20 years of service) 12 paid holidays per year, and opportunities for continuing education and self-development.

How to Apply: Applications are accepted through utilizing the City of Anniston’s online application process. Visit The City of Anniston website at: and select the Employment Opportunities tab. Click “search” to view the list of job postings. On the job posting for Public Works Director, select the “Apply” link to create an applicant profile and apply for the position. The job announcement will remain active until the position has been filled