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City of Northport
City Administrator


The City of Northport is currently seeking a City Administrator.

All information pertaining to the job, including duties and application procedure can be found at the link below:

City of Centerville
Full Time and Part Time Police Officers


Centreville Police Department has an opening for a full time & part time police officer.


  • Alabama Apostc certified
  • Good driving history
  • Driver license
  • Must have knowledge of computer and typing skills
  • Applicant must be able to pass background check


  • State retirement
  • Paid insurance for officer, (family coverage is optional)
  • Paid holidays, vacation, accumulative sick time
  • Take home vehicle (depending on mileage away from city limits)
  • Uniform allowance
  • Other benefits and pay will be determined on experience and skills related to job requirements
  • Applicant upon hire will be required to a probationary period of 1 year. Applications can be picked up at Centreville City Hall or Police department. Upon request the application can be emailed, all applications must be returned in person.

    City hall 205-926-4995
    Police department 205-925-5052

    City of Pell City
    Softball Athletic Assistant


    This is a non-supervisory position with the primary responsibility of assisting the Athletic Director in planning, development, promotion, and continuance of quality athletic programs for the City. Duties include the coordination of fields, facilities, and personnel to best support planned activities. Incumbent works under the general supervision of the Athletic Director.


    • Must be a graduate of an accredited high school or hold a certificate of high school equivalency (GED)
    • Must possess a valid Alabama driver’s license and a driving record suitable for insurability
    • Must be willing to work non-standard hours and overtime as required
    • Must be willing to travel overnight to attend continuing education courses and workshops
    • Must be physically able to perform the essential functions of the position
    • Must possess computer skills necessary to perform the essential functions of the position


    • Assist the Athletic Director in planning, development, promotion, and continuance of quality athletic programs for the City
    • Provide for the coordination of fields, facilities, and personnel to best support planned activities
    • Resolve issues between participants at sporting events
    • Attend most if not all City sponsored sporting events
    • Collect and be responsible for fees and registrations
    • Enforce safety and other regulations as they apply to City sponsored sporting activities
    • Perform administrative functions as needed
    • Ensure all sport related equipment is maintained and stored properly
    • Perform other job related duties as required


    • Extensive knowledge of the Parks & Recreation department facilities’ capability and capacity
    • Extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining to City sponsored sporting events
    • Considerable knowledge of typical programs, leagues, and activities normally sponsored by municipalities of similar size
    • Basic knowledge of irrigation and sprinkler systems
    • Skill to operate a computer to facilitate proper and efficient record keeping
    • Ability to operate zero turn mowers, infield machines, top dressers, and other landscape equipment
    • Ability to explain rules, regulations, and expectations in a clear and unambiguous manner
    • Ability to resolve issues between participants, coaches, and spectators in a firm but calm manner
    • Ability to coordinate the use of Parks & Recreation facilities across various activities and times
    • Ability to professionally represent the City at various meetings and conventions
    • Ability to keep and maintain appropriate records


    • BCBS Health/Dental (single coverage paid by City)
    • EMC Life Insurance (paid by City)
    • Retirement through RSA (with a City match)
    • Vision Plan
    • AFLAC (paid by employee)
    • Sick leave (accrued when paid bi-weekly)
    • Vacation (after successfully completing 1 year probation)
    • Direct Deposit
    • Paid Holidays


    1. Complete application files must be received at the City Hall. This job will remain open until filled

    2. A complete file consists of:

    • A current City of Pell City employment application
    • Current resume [Note: Resume, when required, should address how the applicant has fulfilled the qualifications, required and preferred (if applicable), listed on this job announcement]

    3. The City of Pell City may extend the application deadline to ensure an adequate pool of qualified applicants. Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications, will not be considered.

    4. Applicant may be required to submit employment verifications from current and prior employers prior to job offer being made.

    5. Application forms may be downloaded at our website: or City Hall and should be returned to: City of Pell City Human Resources 1905 1st Avenue North Pell City, AL 35125