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City of Northport
Civil Service Job Announcement - Director of Planning

Closing Date: Monday, March 18, 2019 @ 4:00 p.m. If mailed must be postmarked by Friday, March 15, 2019.

Turn in application to:
Director of Human Resources
P.O. Box 569
3500 McFarland Blvd.
Northport, AL 35476

Summary: Under the general direction of the City Administrator, is responsible for planning and community development tasks including, but no limited to: Assisting the development of the city’s comprehensive master plan; Managing the city’s comprehensive master plan; Developing and applying the use of municipal zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations; Serving as the primary planning advisor; Supervising the activities of departmental personnel. Full job description can be found HERE.

Salary: FLSA Status: Exempt, Pay Grade 45 - $91,696.34/annually (minimum) to $121,676.53/annually (maximum)

Applications may be obtained from the City of Northport Receptionist or by visiting the City of Northport website, Please see job description for all requirements and qualifications. No phone calls please!

Appropriate background checks required prior to employment. The City of Northport is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

City of Anniston
Public Works Director

Salary: $58,361.58 - $97,668.45 Annually. Closing Date March 31, 2019

The City of Anniston is seeking a Public Works Director. Under guidelines set by policy and at the direction of the City Manager, the Public Works Director is responsible for directing the operations of the Public Works Department for the City of Anniston. The employee plans, directs, manages, and oversees day-to-day and long term operations and planning of the engineering, electrical, street, planning and zoning, and fleet maintenance divisions through division managers. The employee further is responsible for participation in the selection, placement, evaluation, discipline and safety of all departmental employees. The employee further reviews and provides general oversight to the design and construction of capital projects assigned to the department and is otherwise responsible for the preparation of capital improvement plans and capital equipment plans. The Public Works Director analyzes, prepares and oversees the budget of the Public Works Department and manages all contracts entered into for capital projects and/or professional services assigned to the department. The Public Works Director further oversees professional development of division managers to assure that employees are properly trained and appropriately licensed or certified to complete assigned duties and responsibilities. The Public Works Director ensures safety training and safe work environment for employees.

To view full job description with requirements and to apply online, please visit the City of Anniston website: and click on employment opportunities, then "search' to submit an application. 

City of Fairhope

The City Treasurer is appointed by the City Council for a four-year term, and is charged with the oversight and management of all City financial assets, the safety and proper use of all City funds, including, but not limited to, the management of all cash disbursements by the City, monitoring of all revenues due to the City, and the oversight of all City of Fairhope cash accounts. The management of cash disbursements involves the supervision of the Purchasing Department and all procedures involved in the procurement of goods and services for the City, and timely remittance for all authorized purchases.  The City Treasurer is classified as “Essential Personnel”, during the period of time 72 hours prior to expected arrival of a major storm until major services and safety of the City has been restored after the storm event.  The City Treasurer presents all requests for project funding to the City Council, after review of budget and funding appropriateness, and compliance with all bid laws.  Duties include negotiations for all insurance contracts with the City, banking services, loan contracts, and management of all debt.

This position involves supervisory responsibility of all duties of the Treasury Department and personnel in the Purchasing Department, with constant interaction, instruction and discussion throughout the workday of daily purchase order requisitions, cash disbursement issues, and proper documentation and authorization requirements.  In addition, the Treasurer interacts with the Finance Department on general ledger recording and budgeting, with the City Clerk on legal matters, with the Revenue Department concerning cash receipts and bank deposits, and with City Council members on project funding and provision of required information for Council discussions and decisions on financial matters.  The Treasurer has authority over all matters involving use of City funds.  By City Council authority, the Treasurer has sole discretion of placement of bank accounts.  Availability before, during and after a major storm event is required for FEMA documentation, so Treasurer must live in Fairhope area, and is not able to evacuate the area for the weather event.


  • Daily monitoring of bank accounts, confirmation of deposits of all cash received.
  • Management to ensure timely payments of all City Accounts Payable; review and authorization of all A/P batches of invoices processed by the Treasury Department, with review for budget, general ledger coding, and payment terms
  • Funding of weekly disbursements for City Accounts Payable
  • Review of bi-weekly payroll cash requirements and funding for payroll
  • Management of credit card processing agreements
  • Authorization of issuance of Purchase Order numbers for purchases by department managers, by review of Purchase Order Requisitions in Munis software;  all requisitions over $500 must be reviewed and approved by City Treasurer for budget allowance and proper coding before a Purchase Order requisition is released and PO is issued
  • Review of and personal signature on all checks issued by the  City
  • Direction of payments for all Federal and State payroll taxes, Utility Privilege taxes, and  Solid Waste Disposal fees
  • Processing of annual 1099s for applicable vendors
  • Maintenance of separation of funds between General Fund, Gas Fund, Electric Fund, Water and Waste Water Fund, Gas Tax Funds, and Capital Projects Fund
  • Management of all debt service payments, with semi-annual adjustments for maturing principal
  • Recording and documentation of receipt of all Sale Tax payments, preparation of monthly sales tax reports for City Council and transfer of funds into Sales Tax Reserve Funds
  • Interaction with local bank officials concerning fees and services, and any deposit or debit discrepancies
  • Preparation of all Requests for Proposals to financial institutions for any financing or services needed by the City; review of proposals received and recommendations to City Council
  • Preparation and adherence to City Investment Policy
  • Review and maintenance of insurance coverage on  property, equipment, and vehicles owned by the City
  • Review and payment of all insurance renewals, and allocation of premiums to appropriate funds
  • Manage additions and deletions of insurance coverage for assets purchased or disposed by the City
  • Preparation of all Bills of Sale and title transfers for items sold by the City
  • Documentation for funding requests to be placed on agenda for City Council meetings for discussion and vote,
  • Preparation of monthly report to City Council and City Management of all check disbursements issued during the month,
  • Attendance at City Council meetings and work sessions,  prepared for clarification and questions on items placed on the agenda,
  • Annual review of  health insurance coverage for City employees and eligible retirees, and policy renewals
  • Issuance of annual request for quotes for Stop Loss Coverage for health insurance
  • Oversight of compliance of all requirements for reporting and remittances to IRS and coverage of employees in accordance with the Affordable Care Act of 2010
  • Management of health insurance for eligible retirees, monitoring required payments, and updates with coverage changes;   annual correspondence by mail with each retiree concerning coverage and premium changes
  • Provision of all necessary data for annual Workers Compensation audit, and correspondence with auditor
  • Contract for annual actuarial valuation of the City’s OPEB liability, provision of all necessary documentation for the valuation  
  • Assistance with preparation of annual budget, by supplying projections for health, casualty, liability, and Workers Compensation insurance,  projections of debt service, grant revenue, and legislated revenue
  • Assistance to auditors with Single Audit, when necessary
  • Assist with annual audit, by supplying all grant revenues and expenses, loan amortizations, banking documentation, contracts entered into by the City, confirmation of compliance with debt covenants; also preparation of Transmittal letter to Mayor, Council and public as part of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
  • Management and recording of financial records, invoices, and revenue for the Fairhope Airport Authority
  • Maintenance of all internal funds by the City (Historic Preservation, Police  Discretionary Fund, Pet Park, etc)


  • Assistance to Revenue Department with balancing cash receipts, as needed,
  • Preparation of journal entries at month-end for all non-recorded transactions or adjustments needed from the Treasury Department
  • Monthly review of bank reconciliation reports received from Finance Department
  • Preparation of Credit Applications for Vendors selling to the City
  • Preparation of W-9 reports to Agencies remitting funds to the  City
  • Management and monthly reconciliation of Corporate American Express account
  • Collection and recording of all labor, equipment and materials costs incurred in the time period of 72 hours prior to and after a hurricane, until major services and safety is restored to the  City, for reimbursement filing with FEMA
  • Responsibility as financial contact person with FEMA for documentation of expenses and application for reimbursement to the City
  • Documentation of expenses and application for reimbursement for Grants received from State and Federal agencies
  • Interface with investment bankers and Bond counsel during issuance of General Obligation and/or Utility Revenue Warrants
  • Response to all information requests received from citizens, vendors and other Government agencies
  • Review and approval of any changes/additions/deletions to employee pay records of the City
  • Calculation of taxable benefit for personal use of City vehicle for inclusion in W-2s

The Treasurer  position requires a thorough knowledge of fund accounting and finance, with a clear understanding of banking and financial transactions, with associated regulations pertaining to Governmental agencies. Knowledge of basic procedures and policies involved in debt financing through General Obligation and Utility Revenue Warrants is required, as well as knowledge of current State bid laws and procurement regulations.   The Treasurer must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word, debt service calculations, and loan amortization.  Proficiency on ten-key calculator and basic office equipment is necessary.  The Treasurer must be able to communicate in a tactful and professional manner with all staff in any type situation, must maintain confidentiality in all sensitive matters, and maintain a multi-tasking, fast-paced office in an organized and tightly scheduled manner.  Continuing education is required in order for the Treasurer to stay updated on GASB, Federal and State regulations pertaining to financial matters and reporting requirements for Governmental agencies.

The Treasurer must have a Masters’ Degree in Accounting,  as well as a current Alabama CPA certification and license.      A minimum three years’ experience in a governmental management accounting position is required.

The Treasurer receives requests for information on a regular basis from the public through the City Clerk and the Access to Public Information Act.  In addition, contact with local vendors, individual citizens, and local interest groups is very common, requiring verbal and written communication.  Presentations at City Council and other public meetings are an important part of this position.

This position requires sitting at a desk for long periods, using and viewing computer keyboard and monitor. Keyboard data entry, calculator use, phone use, opening and closing of filing cabinets, lifting moderate weight in files and books are normal daily demands.  Vision, hearing and speech are required.  Frequent walking to other departments and offices is also necessary.  Occasional trips to the City Warehouse and other city buildings are required.

Working environment is  moderately quiet, enclosed offices, with capability of closing doors for additional privacy and quiet.  The City generally provides any tools needed for performance of Treasury duties.  The work environment is friendly and supportive for productivity.