Deputy Director

Greg Cochran

Deputy Director

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Greg attended the University of North Alabama from 1978 until 1981 where he majored in Political Science and Psychology. During the mid 1980s, he began working on political campaigns as a volunteer, including Montgomery Mayor Emory Folmer's re-elections in 1984 and 1988. In 1990 Greg joined the staff of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama representing Alabama physicians as the Director of Legislative Affairs for three years. From 1993 until 1994 he served as Vice President of Governmental Relations for the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce. Greg returned to Montgomery in 1994, serving as the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Business Council of Alabama until 1996. He was hired as the Director of Intergovernmental Relations for the Alabama League of Municipalities in 1996 where he is responsible for federal and state legislation.

In 2006, Greg became the Executive Vice President of the Alabama Municipal Funding Corporation (AMFund), which was developed by the League to assist municipal members with refinancing existing debt and funding local projects and purchases through low-interest, cost-effective loans. He was elected President of AMFund in 2008.

Greg has served on the Board of Directors of the Alabama Council of Association Executives since 2002 and was elected to serve as Treasurer (2007-08), Vice President (2008-09) and President (2009-10). He has also served on the Character Council of Alabama Board of Directors since 2008 and was elected to serve as Vice Chairman for 2010-11. He is the Vice Chair of the Permanent Joint Legislative Committee for Energy Policy and has served on the National League of Cities' Public Finance Consortium since 2006 where he was elected as Vice Chair for 2010-2011. Greg served on the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Chapter, International Association of Expo Managers from 2003-2005.

He, his wife, Kelly, and two children, William and Sanders, live in Montgomery.