Policy Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Policy Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Committee on State and Federal Legislation     2019 - 2020

Chair: Adam Bourne, Councilmember, Chickasaw         
Vice Chair: Jocelyn Tubbs-Turner, Councilmember, Marion   

Committee on Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR)    2019 - 2020

Chair: Ruthie Campbell, Councilmember, Robertsdale           
Vice Chair: Charles Black, Councilmember, Priceville   

Committee on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR)    2019 - 2020

Chair: Lawrence Haygood, Mayor, Tuskegee                 
Vice Chair: Johnny Smith, Mayor, Jacksonville     

Committee on Transportation, Public Safety and Communication (TPSC)    2019 - 2020

Chair: Jerry Parris, Councilmember, Jacksonville          
Vice Chair: Jerry Starnes, Councilmember, Prattville       

Committee on Human Development (HD)    2019 - 2020

Chair: Jennifer Williams Smith, Councilmember, Jasper         
Vice Chair: Barry Moody, Mayor, LaFayette

Committee on Community and Economic Development (CED)    2019 - 2020

Chair: Charles Gilchrist, Mayor, Glencoe              
Vice Chair: Wayne Biggs, Councilmember, Saraland